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Tarot Decks


Writer's Block: Born again

If you were reincarnated as an animal, which would you choose to be in your next life, and why?

Is this even a real question?

What's wrong with you people

latest tag to be added to jasie's lj:

"posting things private 'cause i'm a punk"

street boy, please.

I've Been Thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School ft. Cat Power

Writer's Block: Get up

If you had to eat the same breakfast everyday for a year (and it would be prepared and served to you), what would you choose?

HOW IS THIS A QUESTION.  And what is wrong with all of these people saying eggs?  AND CEREAL?  WHAT THE FUCK.  You guys, the correct answer is...


oh for the love of

Okay, I promise I think about things other than Artosis.  He's not even my favourite player, you guys.  But I'm watching the NASL and I feel like my life will no longer hold any meaning if he doesn't win this game.

ETA:  ;~~~~~~~~~~~~;  Dammit Artosis why are you doing this to me

well, there goes your social life

doelike has successfully convinced me to rp with her again. What strange mystical power does she hold over me? Lacie can make me rp, starseed4 can make me watch things I don't want to, tokyotakushii gets me into books....I wonder if everyone has a secret influence over me that's just waiting to be discovered.
Okay, first I want to warn you guys that it's possible that I'll be doing several silly updates that I would normally just send off on twitter, because I need to get into the habit of posting again.

Secondly, I am, as usual, watching StarCraft II (ARTOSIS ALL WEEKEND MY LIFE IS COMPLETE), but it's Easter, and even though I haven't celebrated Easter since...uh...Since I was nine?  Now that I'm sort of working with Christian figures (including Jesus) in my practice, I feel like maybe it's a holiday I should start observing again.

So far, I'm off to a good start, by managing to completely forget that it exists.

Oh well.  Maybe next year.

My Life for A-R-T-O-S-I-S

 If it wasn't for the fact that I'm updating on livejournal for the first time in approximately 80,000 years, today would be just like any other day.  Watching five million StarCraft II tournaments, fangirling Artosis, eating bagels.  Searching Etsy like it's my job.

(If being on Etsy 24/7 was a job they would hire me for, I would be their best employee.)

But today is not like any other day, because here I am.  I don't actually know why yet though.  But still.